Yuusuke Karasawa

1976 Born in Tokyo
1999 Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
2001 Graduated with an MA in Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance
2002-2003 Worked at MVRDV as a trainee for the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists
2004-2005 Worked at Shigeru Ban Architects
2006 Established Yuusuke Karasawa Architects


1998 Award for excellence on the 2nd Japan Media Arts Festival
1998 Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) Honorary Mention Prize
2000 SHINKENCHIKU Residential Design Competition 2000 (Jury:Toyo Ito) Second Prize
2003 SxL 13th Architectural Design Competition 2003 Third Prize
2011 D&AD Awards(England)Spatial Design Prize for villa kanousan


2007.9 「10+1」『Algorithmic Thinking and Architecture』(Joint authorship, Responsible editor, INAX Publishing)
2010.10 『Architecture and Cloud――The Transformation of Space by Information』(Joint authorship, Millegraph)
2011.9 『Design by Design〈Architecture-Space-Information〉Way of the Production』(Joint authorship, INAX Publishing)
2021.1 『Contemporary Architect's Concept Series 28 Yuusuke Karasawa: Toward Network Type Architecture by Algorithmic Method』(LIXIL Publishing, Japanese/English Bilingual)

Design Policy

I am designing architecture by using particular method called “algorithm”. Although at first glance it is some kind of dry method but I think this way can create warm and humanly space which is filled with various kinds of places to stay. I would like to design architectural space which is full of surprises and discoveries which people cannot experience on an average day. Also I devise various new ways to capture natural light which come into the inner space of architecture to enable person to experience situation of transition of expressions of light and shadows which shifts by the minute in one day in the process of designing of architecture.


I believe that surprises and enjoyableness is necessary for architecture. Shall we design architecture such as housing, villa and multiple dwelling houses which is filled with surprises and unknown discoveries as if when we experienced them in our childhood in the exploration of fields nearby? Of course we will pay close attention to usability and functions and try to design and realize unprecedented space which surprises, enjoyableness, coziness and its usability exist together.

Building types and kinds of structures which our most favorite subject

Timber, Steel, Housing, Villa, Multiple dwelling houses, Meeting place, Gallery and all that.