Quezon Day Center

Quezon, Philippines,2014

Overview of the project

This facility is a day care center planned in the city of Quezon, located north-east of Manila, Philippines. It serves various programs and functions such as kindergarten, nursery, town community center and lodgings for the socially vulnerable as it were as a ”multi-purpose housing” . As regards composition of architecture, five small vortexes are intertwined and connected to create a large vortex as a network. I am aiming to realize public architecture as a future “housing” with the form of multicentric network type space with various functions overlapped.

Notes: This project “Quezon Day Center” which was presented publicly on “GA HOUSES PROJECT 2014” was changed into “Bantayan Park Center” in 2016 changing the site location and usages although the design is still same and the project is still in progress.